Thursday, October 15, 2015

Hill Family Life Fund

First off, thanks for visiting the Hill Family Life Fund page, and being interested in helping Wes and his family out! So here are all of the details of how we are going to do that.

For the next month Oct 20th - Nov 17th 2015 I will be setting aside any new commercial clients and completely focusing on photographing you are yours and donating all of the profits to the Hill family. If you want to know their whole story click here.

So rather than re-inventing the wheel all the normal prices apply. Those cans be found here

So here are a few alterations to my normal family pricing. First of all yes all of the sitting fees plus all the profits from the print and product sales go straight to The Hill family. I am waving all travel fees within 4 hours of Salt Lake City, and the only travel fee you will be paying outside of that will cover the bare minimum, I'm talking Maverick gas, nachos and motel 6 or cheaper if I absolutely must.  Again I'm trying to keep costs as low as humanly possible so more can go to Wes's family. 

I can't do this without you guys so if you are on the fence hop off, get some great family photos done, and lets help out the Hill Family. So drop me a line, and lets get you some fall family photos. 

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